Session 2: Active Gaming

Remember when the Wii was new, and everyone was so excited that video games would get us off of our lazy behinds? Soooo…when was the last time you moved that Wii fit from its place against the wall? I’m pretty sure it’s been years for us.

Time to do some active gaming.  If you’ve got a Wii fit, or a Kinect, dust it off, replace batteries, clear some space.  As of a few days ago, the Pokemon Go app launched, so that’s an option too.  Ingress, created by the same company is also a fun, free app that you can try. Invite your friends to join in, too!

Exercise is a great way to re-direct negative thinking, and playing with a group is beneficial for making connections and building friendships.

If you have physical challenges that limit you from doing the above, be creative and share your options with us. The point of this session is to find a way to be active and have fun at the same time.

IMG_0022 (1)


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