Session 5: Make a Physical Representation of Your Fear Demon

We all have a nagging voice inside that stops us from realizing our full potential. Give yours a face, and make it ugly! Make a list of all of the untruths it tells, and then make a list of comebacks. We are using an activity from the book, Make It Mighty Ugly, by Kim Werker.  Check it out–I have read it numerous times, and learn something new every  time.  I am paraphrasing from her book here:

Make a list, writing down everything you can think of that your fear demon might say to you. Sketch some pictures of what you think it looks like.  Now, using whatever art medium you like, create it.  Every time you catch yourself listening to those negative thoughts, a visual reminder will help you confront and fight that enemy.  Look at your list of ugly thoughts and answer back–don’t believe what they say.  Defend yourself!

Here’s mine–she’s an Internet troll. She sits around on the computer or her phone and has an insult for everything I post. She makes me afraid to share what I create. I have to remind myself that I’m doing this for myself and because it’s fun, and it doesn’t matter if I’m any good at it.  The last year and a half, it has been on my craft table, and believe me, I have used it!

IMG_0024 (1)


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