Session 13: Art Abandoners


I love discovering tiny treasures. Do you remember the first time you found a bird nest with eggshells in it, or money in the sandbox at the playground? Did you create a story in your mind about it?

Today you are going to create a small art piece that you will “abandon” somewhere out in the world for someone to discover. You can use whatever you want to create it: felt, beads, paper, even recyclables like a smashed water bottle or soda can. Make something unique that will catch someone’s eye. You can make a little creature like mine, or paint a tiny picture, or make a mini book with poetry or a story in it. Put your personality into your piece. You are sending a bit of yourself on a journey that could inspire someone else! (My girls and I have hung crocheted cupcakes on tree branches at places we frequent. It’s fun to check back to see if they’re still there.)

You can hold onto your creation until next session, when (spoiler alert!) we are going for a walk, or you can find a place for it today. But be discreet! As they say in geocaching circles, don’t let the muggles see you! Be creative with your hiding spots. Once you abandon it, don’t worry too much about what will happen to it–just send it out with your good intentions and let nature take its course–whatever that might be.


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