Session 15: Plant a Seed, Set an Intention


I love gardening.  I love it a lot.  I love being outdoors, I love the smells, I love seeing the little buds on the trees and little seedlings poking out of the dirt.  I love working until I am exhausted, and repeating that every day throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  It is the ultimate zen place for me.

Plant some seeds today.  With each seed, set an intention to go with it. Write them down. Here are some suggestions:

  • I will participate in Art Therapy Monday every week.
  • I’m going to share my harvest with ______
  • I want to spend more time with ______
  • I am going to take the next step on my goal of _______
  • I want to breathe deeply more.

Whenever you visit your little seedlings, review these intentions.  Don’t get discouraged if you have a few that fizzle out–it takes a little practice and dedication to figure out what works.


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