Session 17: Sing Your Song & Journal It


No matter where I am, or what I’m doing, I always have a song stuck in my head. Usually it’s the last song I heard on the radio (good or bad), or it’s related to whatever I’m doing at the moment, or can be triggered by something my girls say. Music is a huge part of every persons life. How many times do you hear a song and memories (good or bad) come bubbling to the surface?

Think of your favorite song, one that cheers you up, inspires you, brings up good memories, or gives you hope. Close your eyes and think about the pictures and colors that come into your mind when that song is playing. Now get out your art journal and your colored pencils, markers, or paints and put those images and colors on paper. Use all of the lyrics, or just a few of your favorite lines. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Just go with the flow. If you want, you can do a few sketches on scratch paper first to figure out your final piece.


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