Session 21: Cook Something & Share It


I haven’t always been good at cooking. I barely knew how to flip pancakes or make a grilled cheese sandwich when I was a newlywed. Now I feel pretty comfortable in the kitchen, and I love trying new recipes! I always make way more than we need, so it’s fun to share the excess.

Time to cook a recipe that you love, or experiment with a new one that you’ve had tucked away on Pinterest. It could be tonight’s dinner, or a dessert, or a snack to pack in your lunch tomorrow. Then think of who you’d like to share your creation with. Do you want to cook together while you enjoy each other’s company, or will you make and doorbell ditch that plate of cookies? Do you have a friend who’s under the weather and could use some TLC? Food connects us all, and cooking is a perfect activity to share.

Remember, we are not striving for perfection!  Not every recipe turns out as nice as the pictures.  Laugh at your mistakes and don’t take yourself too seriously.


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