Session 23: Clean Something


What do Snow White, Mary Poppins and Cinderella have in common? They have a lot of work to do, but they tackle it with a positive attitude. There is something to be said for a good, energetic cleaning session. It feels great to empty and reorganize a bookshelf or a cupboard when you’re feeling blah.

Expert cleaner, Don Aslett shared a list of emotions and the best things to clean when you’re feeling them:
Happy: Old sentimental stuff
Sad: Simple and physical, like moving things out of the way or hauling it away
Angry: Flattening, smashing, disassembling
Urge to kill: Tear/shred papers
Depressed: Anything out of style or ugly, or dejunking that involves a lot of cleaning
Broke: Anything that can be sold
Energetic: Sorting, shifting, putting away
Bored/restless: Yard junk
Lighthearted/playful: games, puzzles
Adventurous: Attic, basement, garage

What will you clean today? It can be as small as your makeup bag or gym bag, or as big as your garage. (I need to do that one!) Blast your happy playlist, or an audiobook, or a podcast, (try out radiolab–my favorite) to keep you going. Make a goal to last one hour, but if you’re really on a roll, keep going after that.


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