Session 27: Finger Painting


Finger painting with food is one of my earliest childhood memories. My mom would open up a jar of baby food and let us paint with it on a sheet of wax paper. Her favorite flavor was Blueberry Buckle–which is now discontinued, probably because feeding desserts to babies is generally frowned upon now! (Ah! Maybe this explains my constant craving for sweets!) Too bad. It was yummy!

Following along with the early childhood theme, let’s get messy with food finger paint! Put on your happy playlist. Tape a sheet of freezer or wax paper to the table. Plop some pudding or baby food on it, and smear it around. Draw pictures in it with your fingers. Make designs inspired by the music you’re listening to. If you like the finished design when you’re done playing, let it dry and hang it up somewhere. Eat the leftovers.  You can also use shaving cream directly on the table. When you’re done, keep rubbing it around until it disappears. Clean table! (Do NOT eat those leftovers!!)


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