Session 29: Create an Anti-Anxiety Slideshow


I’m a nervous person. I approach every situation with fear in my gut. Really. But I still do almost everything that I want or need to do, even though it scares me. (Check out the list in my pic–it’s an art journal page about all of the things I am afraid of doing) It wasn’t always that way, though. I avoided so many things just to stop that feeling of dread from even happening. The only problem with that was how much I had to depend on others to do things for me, and how much fun I was missing out on because of my constant worrying.

Long story short, I found ways to “feel the fear and do it anyway” (a book worth reading) so that I could feel more empowered and proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone. Here’s one that works well:

Create a board on Pinterest and name it “It’ll be ok”, or “chill out”, or something else creative. Fill it with pictures or thoughts that make you feel calm when you look at them. Pictures of baby animals work well! You may have a lot of the pictures you want from your other Pinterest boards already. Just transfer them over. Now scroll through those pictures whenever you feel anxious. Do it when you’re feeling good, too, so that when you’re someplace that you can’t use your smart phone, you’ll still be able to recall those images in your mind. I’ll share my board here for inspiration. You can also make a slideshow on your computer as a screensaver, if you don’t have a Pinterest account.



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