Session 31: Write a Letter


We’re going a little retro today, and writing a real letter. On paper, with a pen, an envelope, and a stamp! I love cute stationary and stickers, but rarely use them anymore, what with email, and texting, and Facebook to deliver little bits of information. Let’s get a bit more personal and write a nice letter to someone you care about. It’s so fun to get something other than bills and ads in your mailbox!

Who will you write to? Do you look up to someone and have always wanted to thank them for being there for you? Or do you have relatives that live far away that you’d like to catch up with? Is someone celebrating a birthday soon? Whatever the reason, put that pen to paper and write them a note. If you want to go further, write a fan letter like I did as a kid, or write a nice letter to the company that makes your favorite product. (You may even get a letter back!)



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