Session 33: Greek Worry Beads


I make worry beads for my girls to give them something to fidget with when they are anxious.  They are perfect for doctor visits or music performances.  These are very sensory. They fit loosely around your wrist, and the charm rests nicely in your palm, where you can hold onto it. The beads are smooth and round. I like to leave a little bit of the fishing line poking out at the end that I can press my thumb on.  It beats knuckle popping, hair tugging, or whatever nervous habits you might have.

Supply list: One larger bead/charm that fits comfortably in your palm, an assortment of smaller beads that are round and smooth that match the bigger one, string or fishing line, crimp beads and pliers.

Measure the fishing line so that the finished bracelet will fit loosely around your wrist.  You should be able to slip it on and off easily, and the charm should rest right in the center of your palm.  String the smaller beads on first, then secure both strands together with a crimp bead.  Bring both strands together, and add two or three more small beads, followed by the bigger bead, then four or five more small beads.  Secure with one more crimp bead.  Trim the fishing line, leaving about 1/4″.


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