Session 35: Dream Journal


You are getting sleeeeeeepy…..what is the weirdest dream you have ever had? Is there one that you have a lot? I dream a lot about forgotten rooms in my house, usually behind a door downstairs, all unfinished and waiting for me to turn into something awesome! (Then it gets scary, because I realize there is a door down there leading outside that has been unlocked for years.). Get out a notebook and write down a particularly vivid dream in detail. It can be weird, scary, sad, whatever. 

We spend a huge chunk of our lives sleeping and dreaming. I’ve always seen dreams as a great place for art inspiration. Most of what we dream is bizarre and fragmented, but there are some recurring themes that can be used in a drawing, painting, or other art form. As I mentioned above,  I’ve dreamed many times about discovering extra rooms in my house. I would love to create tiny scale versions of those dream houses, if I could!

For now, jot down several one to two sentences about a dream you have a lot. Then get out paper and colored pencils, crayons or markers, and make it into a picture. It can fill up a whole page, or make it comic strip style to tell the story. 


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