Session 39: Instant Comfort Box


Taking care of our emotional health is the main focus of our sessions here at Art Therapy Monday, but sometimes we need a reminder to practice self-care. Today we are going to create tiny matchboxes containing a pocket sized message that will offer hope and encouragement to uplift us when we need it.

Here’s a link to the matchbox template that will allow you to download both styles of matchbox. Once you’ve printed it and assembled it, decorate it however you like, and add a 4-5 word phrase to the inside with a little picture. Some suggestions are, “it’ll be ok”, “you’ve got this!”, or “you look great today”. Do a search for instant comfort box on Pinterest and you’ll get lots of great examples for inspiration.

Keep one or two handy in the places you spend a lot of time for a little boost anytime. Make a few extras for art abandoners too, if you like!


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