Session 40: Card Games


I inherited this deck from my grandma 15 years ago and I really do treasure it. Cards are a great form of entertainment. They are small, portable, and cheap. You can play on your own or with a group, and they’ll keep you busy for hours. There are games for all ages and skill levels. When I was a kid, every camping trip was spent playing rummy with my grandparents, cousins, and siblings. We loved playing double, triple, even quadruple solitaire with my dad. Later on, as I had my own kids, we played war and speed together. What are your favorite card games? Downloading them on your computer or smart phone is an option, but for me, there’s nothing like the feeling of the cards in your hands-shuffling them, dealing them out, slapping them down on the table.

Whenever you’re feeling a little off kilter, or you’re on your lunch break and work has been stressful, play a few rounds of solitaire, or just practice shuffling your cards bridge style. Whatever your favorite game is, play it today. There are hundreds of tutorials online if you want to try something new, too.


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