Session 45: Create Your Zen Space


Do you have a favorite space at home? One where you spend a lot of time, and your things tend to gravitate towards? My oldest daughter calls these “nests”. Where would your ideal nest be, and what would you keep in it? Mine is the right side of the downstairs couch next to a dresser filled with my most used craft materials. The arm of the couch is cushy and big enough to fit a plate of food, and I keep a little homemade coaster on the corner of the dresser for a drink. The couch also has a recliner feature, which I love. There’s a plug outlet right behind me to charge my phone, and a lamp on the dresser to spotlight whatever I’m working on. I keep my best scissors, little notepapers, and a pencil close by. I snuggle in with my favorite blanket (minky on one side, and fleece on the other). My kitty loves to join in and sleep on my lap. Doesn’t that sound nice?

This space gets used every day, and it gets cluttered fast. When that happens, my thinking gets cluttered too. So today, I’m going to ask you to join me in creating or tidying up your special spot to make it more zen. Clear out everything in your area, then only put back what is useful or pleasing to the eye. Create a “shrine to zen” if you like. Hang up a quote you like, a mandala, or a picture that holds special meaning in your line of sight.


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