Session 47: Join a Fitness App, Then Walk/Run/Dance 10,000 Steps


Fall/Winter can be a time of stress and excess, so making healthy choices is important. I’m not going to encourage anyone to start a strict diet or a rigorous exercise regimen, just set a goal to be more aware of your typical day. How are you treating your body?

My favorite fitness app is My Fitness Pal. It tracks what you eat, helps you make reasonable calorie goals, enter your daily exercise, and has a step tracker to encourage you to be active every day. I use this app for a few months every time I feel like I’m falling off the fitness wagon. Best of all, it’s free! I’m djonesgirlz if you want to add me. We can be fitness buddies!

Today, download a fitness app that has a step counter. (Most new smartphones already have this feature. If you don’t own a smartphone, try a tiny pedometer. They’re pretty inexpensive.) My Fitness Pal encourages 10,000 steps a day, (roughly five miles) so that’s what we’re going to do. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you–two hours, or all day, or what you do to get there–walking, running, dancing, jumping–just do it! Then screen shot your success and post it!


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