Session 48: Heart Container Needs Reminders


Ours is a family of video-gamers, so this session is going to reflect that. Sometimes I wish I had an app that worked like a video game, with hearts in the corner that go up or down depending on the things we do all day, like eat, exercise, get fresh air, etc.

Today, we will make our own heart container reminders.  Start out by making a list of words that represent your needs. Here are some examples: sleep, eat, exercise, shower, art therapy, fresh air, sunlight, social. Now make two colors of hearts–red and clear. (I used perler beads, but you can use paper or whatever you like) Put each of these words on both colors. Add a magnet or push pin to the back.

Now when you’re not feeling 100%, take a look at your hearts and see which ones might need filling, and get to work recharging!


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