Session 50: Start a One Sentence Journal


I keep a spiral bound organizer notebook by my bed that I write in every night. It feels weird when I miss a day. It holds my goals, lists, daily thoughts, creative ideas, dreams. I do my best to keep it positive, so that anyone can leaf through it and I won’t feel mortified! When this session was originally posted, it was the beginning of the new year, so you’ve got an 8 week head start!  Buy a simple lined notebook and start your one sentence journal tonight.  Here’s how:

Page 1: List your goals for the new year. Fill the whole page!
Page 2: Write January at the top, (or November, if you like) then write down 3-5 things you want to work on that month from your goal list, or other pressing things that you want to do. Check these off as you complete them. I love this part!

Below that, start with 1/1, writing a sentence or two about your day. Write small if you have a lot to say. I also write down when it rains or snows–because it’s fun to look back every year and note the similarities/changes. I’m big into weather patterns.

Every month, start a new page with new goals to check off. Look back at page one for ideas. At the end of the year, use the next page to write about the goals you made on page 1, whether you accomplished them or not.
Then start again next year! Roll the unfinished items over and try again.


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