Session 53: Choose Your Own 30 Day Adventure Challenge


Choose your own adventure time! This is fun, trust me! Think of something you want to do more regularly, or get better at, or something you just want to look forward to–a little gift for yourself every day for the next 30 days. Make it a challenge. (I love 30 day challenges!) They can be as small or detailed as you like. The goal is to motivate yourself to do something that makes you feel good, and create a habit. Are you ready? Here are some 30 day challenge suggestions:

•Running–do something a little different every day
•Duolingo–practice a new language! Did you know they have elvish as an option?
•Yoga–there are several youtubers doing 30 day challenges.
•Art in general
•30 days of art therapy sessions–there are plenty now!
•Old movies–a different one every day. That would be awesome! Pair it with something artsy, maybe.
•Clean eating–get creative!
•Blogilates–she has monthly workout calendars that you can download.
•Photography–there are many lists online for photo a day challenges.

Now make a sticker chart. For real! Make it flashy so you can’t miss it, and hang it up where you can’t miss it. Buy some cute stickers to mark off each day that you complete your challenge. Once you’ve done that, start today! Do it!


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