Session 62: Prayer/Wish Flags


The definition of a prayer/wish flag: A visual voice, symbolic of our hopes, dreams, concerns, prayers, wishes and good thoughts blown in the wind, spreading good will and compassion, uplifting all.

My mantra for today is “I surround myself”. I sat with my mala beads from a past session and repeated this mantra, adding different words I felt were important in my life–family, love, peace, security, fitness, courage, creativity–and also some that maybe I don’t have yet, but want.

As you prepare to make your flag, write down a few words or short phrases that come to mind when you think about what you want to surround yourself with. Then cut a piece of scrap fabric, at least 5″x 7″. Fold the top over about an inch down and sew across, creating a tube to fit string through later. Then decorate it however you like using scraps of yarn, buttons, more fabric, markers, paint, stamps, and so on. It can be as simple or detailed as you like. Add your words somewhere on the piece. Then thread string through the tube and hang your flag outdoors, to let your wishes blow in the wind. Make more if you like! Encourage others to join in creating with you too.


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