Session 64: Create a Mood/Vision Board


In my kitchen, there’s a large cork board that takes up most of one wall. It’s where my eyes rest when I’m sitting at the table. What is pinned to it changes throughout the year, but there are some parts that stay the same. It’s where my calendar hangs, appointment cards and important notes are added, artwork is displayed, mementos, like flowers from dances are dried and kept here.

I have always had a love for art on bulletin boards, starting in elementary school, when my teachers would bring out the opaque projector and let us trace big pictures of favorite literary characters onto sheets of butcher paper with magic markers, then color them in. Most of my high school and college time was spent in child development classes, and decorating themed bulletin boards was my favorite part of lesson planning.

Now it’s your turn. Create a mood/vision board. What’s that, you say? It’s a place to display objects that have meaning for you. Use it to visualize your future goals with pictures of things you want to work toward. You can use it as a place to play with design ideas, whether for clothes or home decoration, or it may be a place to hang your favorite little creations and quotes to enjoy while you take 5. If you don’t have a cork board, use poster board or tape things directly to the wall. Find a place to display it where you’ll see it the most, such as across from your computer desk, where you work out, or like me, across from the kitchen table. Don’t know where to start? Type mood or vision board into Pinterest or google to get inspiration.


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