Session 68: Re-purpose Something

I love it when I can turn something old into something new and useful again. Years of collected old jeans can be turned into blankets and bags, t-shirts into memory quilts or yarn for bath mats, jars and mugs made over to hold sewing notions or coins, and so much more! When you’re on a tight budget, re-using what you already have on hand is a challenge in creativity. Look for all of your supplies at home today. Here is a list of easy to find items:

* Empty food containers-plastic, cardboard and styrofoam (#6 plastic can be made into shrinky dinks!)
* Old clothes, especially jeans
* Old toys (I’ve seen some really fun Halloween decorations made using these–especially with Barbie!)
* Broken dishes
* Aluminum cans
* Old silverware
* Empty food jars
* Plastic animals
* Old hardcover books
* Junk drawer odds and ends

My favorite things to re-purpose are clothes that I can turn into blankets. Recently I learned how to turn t-shirts into yarn and made a bath mat, and yesterday I cut up some soda cans and made plant markers. What will you create with today? If you need inspiration, do a search for “re-purposed” on Pinterest. Have fun!


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