Session 70: Stargazing

Since this session was originally posted in May, you may have to get creative with your stargazing in the winter.

A few years ago, we learned that the Salt Lake Astronomical Society has star parties at parks and store parking lots throughout the summer months. We drove to our local Harmons and watched as the regulars unpacked and set up their telescopes to look at the night sky. My daughter entered a prize drawing, then we walked around and looked in each of the telescopes to catch a glimpse of Saturn. My daughter actually won the giant telescope that night, and we have enjoyed taking it out to the backyard to have our own little star parties.

When it starts getting dark, get out your lawn chairs or blankets, make a mug of cocoa, and go outside for some stargazing.  I don’t necessarily get into the mystical side of the moon and stars, but I do believe in setting intentions, so I’m including a little chart to help you with that, if you want.


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