Session 69: Change Your Perspective


There was a game I would play with my siblings where we would pretend we could walk on the ceiling. We had these little dollar store mirrors that we would hold at the bridge of our nose, pointing up. When you looked down into the mirror and walked around the house, it was a whole new world! Try it out yourself today–just be careful around furniture and stairs.

Sometimes we get into a rut and it’s good to re-boot–let some fresh perspective in. Here are some other ways to change your perspective throughout the day:

* Sit in a different chair at the table or in front of the tv.
* Eat with your non-dominant hand.
* Create art with your non-dominant hand.
* Change your walking/running route.
* Do a few yoga inversions, or hang upside down on a jungle gym–look around you–notice the differences.
* Listen to a different radio station that you normally wouldn’t–always on the top 40? Try classical or Spanish.
* Rearrange your furniture.
* Eat breakfast for dinner.
* Sleep in your bed facing the other way.

What other ways can you think of to change the way you look at things?


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