Session 71: Mini Art Collaboration

I’m sure most of you have done this sort of thing before, sitting with someone where you have to be quiet and sit still, but you’re bored out of your mind. You draw a tiny picture in a notebook, (or on the program of the meeting you’re in) then pass it to your neighbor and they add their own artwork. It gets passed back and forth until the paper is full, and you’re trying hard not to laugh at what you’ve come up with! I re-discovered this doodle collab that my youngest daughter and I did several years ago. 

Find a drawing buddy today and do a little art collaboration. You can pass it back and forth, or each of you can make your own bigger drawings, then swap papers and each person adds their own flair. This is fun long distance, too. Draw something and send it to a friend in the mail, with the same guidelines.

Need inspiration? Check this out!


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