Session73: Active Visualization


My sister talked me into training for a 10k race last July 4. I figured I’d just completed a 5k, so why not, right? Well turns out doubling the amount of running you normally do is hard! I found myself really lagging towards the end. I decided that I needed to come up with a strategy to push through. Here’s my thought process–bear with me–it’s a little long!

* When I start to think about quitting, I imagine someone or something annoying that I need to run away from. Could be an annoying customer, a physical representation of a task I hate doing, a person that really rubs me the wrong way, the fat blob I’m trying to burn off. They’re chasing me, and I can’t let them catch up!
* Next up, I imagine I’m chasing negative people or things that have hurt me or the people I love. They are running from me, and I have to catch up and then throw them into oblivion, like Team Rocket, blasting off again! This feels really good!
* Now that I’ve got the annoying things cleared, I move on to people and things that I care about. First, I’ve got a rope around my waist that is tied to a big cart. Inside are people that can’t run but I still want with me. I have to pull them behind me. I have to keep the momentum going. They’re cheering me on!
* Then my equals are running side by side with me, we are smiling, laughing, talking. These are the people that I care about the most. We run together for a while, then one by one, they peel off until it’s just me again.
* Time for the big finish! I am so close! I try to leave my competition in the dust, and run towards my loved ones at the finish line. I did it!

Now it’s your turn. Do something active today and create a visualization to deal with the hard stuff in your life. Check out the past sessions and pick one. Good ones are: digging in the dirt, dancing, martial arts, cleaning, walking, or running.


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