Session 75: Friendly Competition


This session was originally posted on July 4.  Adapt for the season you’re currently in!

Have you noticed that you try a little harder when you work as a team? Accomplishing something with a buddy makes the time go faster, makes it more fun, helps you push your limits–hopefully in a good way!

Today, it’ll be easy to engage with other people, since it’s a holiday, so invite a little friendly competition in. Run a race or relay, swim laps, cook together, play card games, (we play Phase 10 every year before the fireworks show) or video games. (no rage games–friendly competition, remember?) Most cities have activities all day on the 4th, like greased watermelon, volleyball tournaments, bingo, etc. What are you going to do? My sister and I finished the 10k this morning without stopping! So happy! Here we are together–I’m the short one.


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