Session 76: Worry Dolls


We’ve talked about our fears before, but what about worries? Worries seem to be the nagging, under the surface, every day kind of burden. We worry about jobs, finances, friendships, grades, the weather, and so on. Most of the time, we give way too much of our energy to those worries. Many of them are out of our control. How do we let them go? Talking to someone helps, and art helps, too!

We spent the afternoon creating worry dolls today. Worry dolls are a traditional Guatemalan toy that a person places under their pillow after telling them something that is bothering them, and then goes to sleep. Overnight, the worry dolls are said to worry in the persons’ place, letting them sleep peacefully. Usually they are made with toothpicks, but we opted for pipe cleaners, which were much easier to work with.


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