Session 83: Listen & Do


A story will make even the most mundane tasks breeze by, makes the fun stuff more fun, and creates memories that attach to activities you do. I have listened to audiobooks while weeding a certain parts of my yard, and now every time I work there, scenes of the story float back into my mind. I love it!

Pick a podcast, download it, and then choose an activity to do today. It can be a past session, a project you’ve been meaning to get to, or housework that needs doing. Pop your headphones in, and get going! Most podcasts are an hour or less, so try to go for at least that long.

What are your favorite podcasts? Here’s my top 10:
1. Radiolab
2. Love + Radio
3. Serial
4. Strangers
5. Invisibilia
6. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
7. Ask Me Another
8. Gilmore Guys
9. Criminal
10. 99% Invisible


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