Session 86: Make Your Bed


This session is recreation. How? Well let me tell you. First of all, take everything off off of your bed. Comforters, pillows, sheets, last weeks laundry you never got around to putting away…you get the idea. Now flip your mattress. Don’t know how? The Internet is your friend–look it up! Next, wash your sheets, and your comforter if it needs it. Ok, you can take a break, but only while things are washing and drying. How about a trip to the store for new pillows? I’m serious! Look at your pillows. When was the last time you replaced them? Are they flat as a pancake? Are they sweatstained and musty smelling? Throw them away. Right now. Do it! Let me tell you something–you can get a new pillow for under $5 at the store, and, if you watch your mailers from JC Penny or Kohls, sometimes they have coupons for $10 off a purchase of $10. You can get two new pillows for free! So no excuses. I do this every time that coupon shows up. (Or towels, whichever I need most at the time.)

Alright. Once your bedding is clean, put it all back on the bed, and make it nice! Stand back and admire your work. Doesn’t it feel good? I love, love, love snuggling into a bed where the sheets are crisp and clean and smelling fresh. Repeat this ritual often, because you spend a lot of time here. You deserve it.


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