Session 89: Create Your Own Playroom



Today you’re creating your own playroom. This can be a small corner, or a whole room, if you have it. Here are my before and after pictures of the space I created in D1’s room–she’s been living away from home for years, with the occasional sleepover here and there, and it seems to have turned into the place to stash everything we don’t know what to do with. I thought this was a good opportunity to clear out and reorganize at least one side of the room today. My play space is a video game corner. I rescued our old PlayStation 2 and GameCube from my closet, plugged them into an old portable tv that was also in deep storage, added some pillows, blankets, and a stuffed animal my husband gave me for Valentine’s Day years ago. I will admit that the cushy chair is new, as are the blankets, but when you are creating your space, try to use what you already own, if you’re on a budget. Eventually I’ll create art for the wall, but today, I’m just going to relax and work on my PlayStation thumbs.


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