Session 92: Great Brain Report


When my girls were in elementary school, they were assigned a great brain report. They could choose any subject they wanted, then thoroughly research that subject, create a poster about it, and present it to the class. (D2 chose candy, her favorite thing).

Take time today to choose a subject you’d like to really dig deep into and learn more about. Big or small, become the worlds’ biggest expert. Clear your vision board from session 64, pin up pictures, facts, drawings, whatever you like. Read those articles you’ve been saving on Pinterest, take notes while watching lectures on YouTube, discover a podcast on the subject you’re studying. Do experiments, check out books at the library. Find local places you can tour–we visited a candy factory with D2 for part of our research! Be creative, and spend as little money as possible to gather your information. And you’re not being graded on this, so relax! Have fun!

Of course, this will take more than one hour of one day, but it’s a good starting point. Try to find at least ten interesting facts about your subject today. Here are some suggestions for subjects to get you thinking:

* History of ________
* Countries you are currently obsessed with
* The ocean
* Musicians, music styles
* Actors, movies, books
* Child development
* Animal breeds
* Astronomy
* Astrology
* A particular art style
* Foreign language
* The constitution or other americana
* Future vacation destination
* Food
* Weather
* Paranormal folklore
* Holidays
* Gardening
* Natural wonders
* Specific home improvement projects, like laying tile or building furniture
* Computer programming

What are you thinking about studying? I’d love to hear about it!


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