Session 94: Thank Someone


Take the time today to go out of your way to thank someone. It can be as simple as thanking the person who holds a door for you, or sets the little divider bar after their groceries for you in line at the store. You can thank a loved one for something kind they did, or a neighbor for picking up your mail while you were on vacation. Are you a fan of an artist or someone else online that you’d like to thank for inspiring you?

Saying the words, “thank you” can be hard, especially if you feel awkward in social situations. So if you want, use your crafty skills today and create a little gift, a card, or bake a treat for people you know. For strangers that inspire you, send a short and sweet email. D4 had a favorite set of books as a little girl that she would read over and over again. I helped her look up the authors’ email address and write a little letter about how much she loved her books. They actually wrote her back! She still has that letter 10 years later.

Try to make it a habit to thank people every day. It means a lot, and hopefully it will inspire them to pass it along.


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