Session 96: Organize Your Art Supplies & Create Something With Them


I love Ikea storage bins so, so much, and this is just one set full of art supplies. I have many more throughout my house. Our session this week involves de-junking our art supplies and creating something with what’s left over. Locate at least one box that really needs organizing.


If you have more, feel free to continue throughout the week! Also, if your art supplies aren’t in a box yet, invest $5 in a plastic bin with a lid. They keep moisture and critters out, and stack easily. Alright, here we go!

Pick one box of art supplies that has really needed some attention. Take everything out of it, vacuum out the dust, wipe it down if you need to. Now, one at a time, decide what will go back into the box, and what you can get rid of. You may discover things you’ve been missing for ages! This is why there’s a one box limit today–you can get caught up in memories, and get stuck. Once you’ve organized your box, get creative and make something with what’s left. I’ve been meaning to make something with that styrofoam ball and crepe paper, so I started making roses to glue on it.  I’m about halfway done at the moment.

When you’re done, store your box back on the closet shelf, and throw away the junk you’re willing to part with right now. Really. Don’t wait, or it might end up back in a pile that you have to sort through five years from now. 



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