Session 98: Put a Puzzle Together


It is a tradition in our family to get a 1,000 piece puzzle for Christmas. We open it in the evening after the excitement of the day is over, put a movie on, and get started! People come and go, and by the end of the day, it’s finished! The holiday wouldn’t be complete without this little ritual.

Start your own puzzle tradition this year. Buy a new one, find one at a secondhand store, or borrow one from mom and dad. (Since we get a new puzzle every year, ours are taking over the game closet) Start a movie or a story to listen to. There is something about a puzzle that attracts people, so even if you start it by yourself, you’ll have a group in no time.

If you want to turn this into an art session, once you’ve finished the puzzle, flip it! Create your own scene on the blank side. Write out some fun predictions for the coming year. Color it with markers, paint it, whatever you like. Scramble it up and put it together again, or save it for next year.


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