Session 101: Hug a Pillow


I love this repurposing project! Find an old t-shirt that you love a lot, has maybe seen better days, (holes, stains, stretched out) but you just can’t part with quite yet. Follow this super easy tutorial to make a pillowcase for a travel pillow, or stuff it to make the shirt the pillow. (I personally like the pillowcase option better, mostly because I can wash it when I need to, or slip on a different one when I like.) I made this one in less than 20 minutes!

However you’re feeling, being able to hug a pillow is nice. I used my pillow on the many airplane rides I was on last week. I’m very glad I had it.


Lay your shirt out as flat as possible.


Turn the shirt inside out, then pin the top. Use a ruler and marker to square off the top and sides. This is where you’ll be sewing the holes closed.


Sew across the lines, then trim off the excess.


Turn it inside out and place the pillow inside. If you’re making the shirt into a pillow, fill with stuffing, then sew across the bottom.


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