Session 103: Art Journal–List Your Traditions, Start A New One


Yesterday, my family and I watched the Super Bowl together. It is a fairly new tradition that started when more boys joined our family. This activity is now one of my favorites, because it involves hanging out with people I love, eating good food, and watching tv. I don’t make themed food, (guys don’t care if their sandwiches are shaped like a football) but we do have certain things we look forward to every year–pizza rolls, chili, and breadsticks, to name a few. This day is one of many traditions that my family and I look forward to.

Get out your art journal or a sheet of paper and go through your year. What are your traditions? Write all of them down. Think about who you share them with, or if they are personal rituals. If there are empty spaces, brainstorm ideas for future traditions you might like to add.


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