Session 106: Rediscover Your Game Collection


As a family, we’ve collected a lot of games over the years. I pulled them all out of their dusty hiding places for our session today. Most board games get forgotten because it’s easier to play on our phones, computers, or the Xbox.

So first of all, follow my lead and get out every game you own from everywhere in your house. Next, vacuum and wipe down the empty spaces you just created. I’ll bet they need it. Mine did! After that, it’s sorting time! Make four piles: keep, keep for future littlies, (only if they’re in good shape) donate, and one more pile for throw away.

Once you’ve decided what you’re holding on to, put away the future littlies pile, but leave the rest out in a stack. Don’t put them back on the shelf until you’ve played with them! You can repeat this session with your video game collections, too. Obviously, this is a more social session, so pair it with Session 59: Visit Someone, if you like.

Which games are you going to play today? I’ve got my eye on uno or Pokémon sorry!


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