Session 108: Guerrilla Gardening–DIY Seed Bombs


There’s a vacant lot near my house that I walk past every morning which is full of puncture vine and shows no sign of being developed any time soon. At one time, I had this grand vision of gathering people to create a community garden there, so I started to look up ideas on Pinterest to put the plan in motion. That’s where I discovered guerrilla gardening. It’s a more covert plant spreading movement, where seeds are encased in clay and dirt, formed into balls, and tossed into areas that could use a little tlc. I thought this was a better plan–less politics involved–no schmoozing with the city, just spreading a little color where there wasn’t any before.

So here’s how to make seed bombs:
5 parts dirt (on the right was succulent mix–did not work as well as the dirt from my garden, on the left)
1 part air dry clay
Wildflower seeds

Mix everything together with enough water to form a ball. Set them in the sun to dry out, then go for a walk and toss them in places that need it. It was a balmy 45 degrees this morning when I made these, but it was fun playing with mud! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!



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