Session 109: Make a Ricewarmer for Heat Comfort


I’m always telling my girls that ricewarmers have magical properties. They are really good for what ails you. Pop it in the microwave, and use it for muscle aches, tummy aches, sore shoulders, cold hands and feet, or just for snuggling with to help you relax or fall asleep.

Cut two pieces of flannel, about 8″x16″ and sew along three sides, right sides together, leaving a short end open. Sew around it twice, to make sure it’s strong. Turn it right side out, fill it with rice, about 3/4 full. It helps to set it inside a measuring cup while filling. Fold the open end in about one inch, then sew across the top twice.

When you’re ready to use it, set a dishtowel in the microwave and set the ricewarmer on it. Heat it on high for one minute, take it out, mix it around, then heat it for one more minute. It’ll be good for about an hour. Give it another jolt as needed.


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