Session 110: Mosaic Play with Clay Tiles


I want to share an art project that has the qualities of mosaic without the need of special tools or messy grout, and its reusable!

The background is a piece of board painted black, then given a coat of clear lacquer. While that’s drying, get busy making the “tiles” out of Sculpey clay. Roll the clay out thin. (I have a pasta machine for clay and I rolled mine out on the 4 setting) Cut out tiny squares with a pizza cutter or a knife. I also used fondant cutters to make circles and hearts. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes @ 275. Let them cool, then pop them off. (This is about as satisfying as popping bubble wrap, trust me!)


Arrange your pieces on the board however you like! When you’re finished, store them in a container for the next time you’re ready to play. An alternative to the clay is to use squares of colored paper on a piece of cardboard. Get creative!



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