Session 115: Art Appreciation–Visit an Art Exhibit or Watch an Artist Documentary


I love art, and I love trying as many styles as I can. I’m good at some, and not so good at others. I love to discover new art styles that I never dreamed existed through other talented artists, who excel in areas that I don’t. I’m not discouraged by their greatness. I’m ok with the fact that I’ll never get to their level. I simply appreciate the beauty of their creations, and I’m grateful that I get to experience it. 

If there’s an art gallery or festival near you, check it out! Discover artists through Pinterest or Deviantart. Spend extra time in the artists’ alley the next time you go to an anime convention or comicon. 

Documentaries are a great way to appreciate and be inspired by art, and get a glimpse of what makes the artists themselves tick. Put your phone away, and really pay attention to the visuals and the story. Here are some of my favorites:

Andy Goldsworthy–Rivers and Tides (my absolute favorite! He makes art with things in nature. You’ll never look at a dandelion the same again.)

Sky Ladder–The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang (Netflix)

Abstract–The Art of Design (Incredible series on Netflix)

Dear Mr Watterson (About the creator of the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. Also on Netflix)

And you can’t go wrong watching a few episodes of Bob Ross painting!  

If you have a favorite documentary, I’d love to hear about it!


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