Session 116: Make a Fidget Toy

Session 116: Make a Fidget Toy
Are you a fidgeter? Do you twirl your hair or play with the ties on your jacket? Do the sleeves of your jacket become shredded once one little hole appears? If there’s a sticker on something, do you play with it until it’s completely peeled off? Ok, I’ve just described myself, but I’m sure these habits are familiar to most people. 
Fidget toys are booming right now. I swear I just heard about them last week, and now they’re everywhere I go! Here are some examples of a fidget toys that are simple and practically free. Give one a try! The tutorial for the fabric marble maze can be found here

The other two fidget toys are easy to make. For the paracord person, fold a ten inch piece of cord through a key ring, then cut a twenty inch piece of cord to knot around the folded over piece. Knot it friendship bracelet style about two inches down. Knot the ends. You’ll be able to slide the cord up and down. 
The bead fidget toys require craft cord, which is thinner than paracord. Fold a twenty inch piece in half, then string a bead with a large opening down to the center. With the rest of the beads, push both ends of the cord through the left and right sides of the bead at the same time, and pull to tighten against the previous bead. Continue to the top, leave an inch of space, and knot it. Add a key ring, an pull the ends underneath the knot. Knot the ends. You can roll the beads in your fingers, and slide the beads up and down. 


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