Session 117: Clean Out a Closet

When I was little, I had dreams about jumping really high and discovering the most awesome toys on the highest shelf in my closet. I always wished those dreams would come true.

What’s in your fullest closet? I find that when I completely empty one of mine, I re-discover so many things that I thought were long gone. Once I put everything back in a nice organized way, it feels so good! It becomes a more functional part of my home.

This is definitely a more active session, and will probably take more than an hour. However, there are things you can do to make it less daunting. First of all, start a donate box for things you don’t need anymore, grab a large garbage bag for trash, and as you pull things out that you do want to keep, do your best to stack them neatly out of the way until you can put them back where they belong.


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