Session 159: Art Journal—Roadblocks and Detours

Rarely do our life plans go as smoothly as we would like them to. Roadblocks come up, and instead of getting angry, scared, or discouraged, we’ve got to get creative and work with the detours. Here’s an example. I use YouTube every morning for my yoga practice, but sometimes there’s trouble with the WiFi, the… Continue reading Session 159: Art Journal—Roadblocks and Detours

Session 156: Virtual Traveling Workout

I’m regularly being reminded by Mother Nature that there are still several weeks of unpredictable weather to endure before I can trade the treadmill and exercise bike in for the great outdoors. In the meantime, I’m going on virtual field trips all over the world through good old YouTube and Netflix. I can pop in… Continue reading Session 156: Virtual Traveling Workout