Session 136: Thrift Store Rescue

It’s an art and recreation session combined! Visit a local thrift store or garage sale and pick out something to rescue and repurpose. Get creative! Here are some hints for things to look for on your adventure: •Anything that could hold a plant •Clothes that can be altered into something else  •Tiny items for a… Continue reading Session 136: Thrift Store Rescue

Session 131: Play an Instrument

Music soothes the monkey mind. The crazy ape thoughts jumping and screaming in our heads, begging for attention. Instead of plugging in your playlist, try playing an instrument. You may still have your saxophone or flute from school days, or that ukulele that called your name at the music store years ago. Clean it, tune… Continue reading Session 131: Play an Instrument

Session 130: Art Journal–Your Favorite Recipe

Think of your absolute favorite home made recipe–one that you want to be handed down through generations and referred to as “Grandma’s pecan pie”, or “Uncle Bob’s Chili”. What will you be known for? It doesn’t matter if the original recipe came off the back of a box or can as long as you love… Continue reading Session 130: Art Journal–Your Favorite Recipe